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Principal's Message

Nicole VanDervort
Mrs. Nicole VanDervort
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Dear Parents and Families,
Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. I look forward to serving the Vaile school
community and continue to have high standards for your students for the coming school
year. The Vaile staff has been working over the summer to make this upcoming school
year our best ever. The teachers have been busy attending special training sessions
this summer to enhance their instruction and prepare for your student’s success.
My goal as an administrator is to serve families and offer a great educational experience
for every student in our building. If you have questions, ideas, or need to meet about
any aspect of your child’s education, please feel free to contact me via phone or email
and we can schedule a time to meet.
Thank you for welcoming me into your Viper Family for the upcoming school year!
Mrs. Nicole VanDervort
General Procedures
Vaile is a Title I school. We receive federal funding that supports the educational needs
of your child. More information and dates for parent meetings will be forthcoming. Lunch
and breakfast are free for every child.
Please take some time to review our Vaile Family Information Guide for more
information about our building.
Please remember to drive safely especially during drop off and pick up times. We have
many wonderful kids and we need your support to help keep our school safe.
K-4 Students:
Breakfast will be served from 7:15-7:45 in the classroom.
Students will be dismissed at 2:40 M/W/Th/F and 1:40 on Tuesday.